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Apr 19, 2010 6:00pm EDT
minutes will take you down to 395. a quick check of your commute. back to you. >>> it's official. toyota say it's will pay a penalty but the company is not admitting gilt. the government said they will pay a fine for failing to alert authorities >> it makes a lot of sense sense for their legal position but i think that we all know behind that is okay, we did something wrong and here's our way of trying to make up for it with the united states government. >> toyota's troubles continue to mount. the car company has announced a voluntarily recall of one of its luxury models. the 2010 lexus good 20. they discovered a rollover problem and announced those results last week as well. toyota says a software update should fix the problem. >>> the head of the senate banking committee says reforms in the financial industry are needed to keep firms that are too big to fail from doing damage in the economy. and it would have shut down the alleged activity that brought charges against goldman sachs last week. >> our bill would have prevented that kind of effect from happening in my view and that's w
Apr 14, 2010 6:00pm EDT
to protect that right. >>> a review of federal records by usa today shows that more than 130 toyota drivers told nitsa they are still experiencing unintended acceleration each after recalled cars were repaired. >>> well angry teachers rallied outside of the offices of d.c. chancellor michelle rhee this evening. they accuse her and mayor adrian fenty of using trumped up deficit numbers to justify the firing of more than 250 teachers last october. we learned yesterday the school system actually has a $34 million surplus. union officials and fired teachers are demanding their jobs back. >> we want to make sure that the teachers are restored with full benefits and rights and we also want to make sure that these teachers receive damages. >> i would like to be reinstated and i would like for all of my colleagues to be reinstated and also to be compensate ated for the time i was out -- compensated and she needs to give an apology for the insult and slander dispursed upon us. >> chancellor rhee told the washington post she became aware of the budget surplus in february. she said she didn't share th
Apr 15, 2010 6:00pm EDT
local toyota dealer. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at >>> all right, you still have time to push the clock and get your taxes filed. you can file an extension. that's a form 4868, but you have to pay what you owe by today. you can file and pay your taxes online with a credit or debit card. if you need to do that. even if you can't foot the entire bill, send what you can and request an installment agreement to pay the rest. if you are truly struggling and you cannot pay what you owe, you can file an offer in compromise. >>> check out this daredevil pilot in action. he survived the spectacular crash with minor injuries. he is an acrobatic pilot from brazil. he was on a practice run. he was in prep for a big competition this weekend in australia, when he nose dived into the water. this stuntman says he plans to keep on going. >> some days i go, i did training. it's helpful, a lot. and it's okay. i'm ready. >> even from a hospital bed. you may not be surprised, but this
Apr 20, 2010 6:00pm EDT
was the driver of this white van that hit the toyota camry head on monday evening here at alabama and 36th street southeast. >> i er 1 there arredentin drlaing thout a licee or offeri suspended out of state license. and additional accusations of driving without registration or insurance. all the charges are still awaiting outcomes in court. >> this guy was booking. >> by all witness accounts, jones was speeding wildly when he crossed the yellow line to avoid slow traffic at the light here. >> he hit this car so hard, i know he was with me. >> the head on can the camry killed the driver, bystanders rescued three children from the car. a two-year-old girl was ejected, but survived. all the kids were evacuated in critical condition. a passenger in jones' van was also hurt. today one neighbor left flowers at the scene, still badly shaken by what she saw. >> they had to cut her out of the car, and that was hard to look at. >> by the way, the accused driver, ajene jones and his passenger were rescued before the van caught on fire. the woman who was killed was mary elizabeth wimbush of southeast
Apr 23, 2010 6:00pm EDT
toyota with her and her kids on alabama avenue. he was on probation for one dui and about to be tried for another and had no driver's license court to court records. >> what do you think of keeping him behind bars. >> that's where he needs to stay. four children have no mother, no more. he needs to be there the rest of his life. >> all i can think is he doesn't have a heart oar character. you take steps to be high on pcp and you don't know what you did. we are all human but make mistake and we have to deal with them. >> reporter: family members told me one of the children has been released from the hospital. two more are improving but her youngest, the 2-year-old daughter you saw in those photos remains hospitalized and is likely to need more medical care to recover. another service is planned for monday evening for her at the charles houston rec center in alexandria. that's where her virginia friends. that's monday night at 7:00. they are all going to get together. >> what about jones, what is his status. >> he's in the hospital but he is detained and being held without bail as the c
Apr 28, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. if those companies go broke, they will stop buying u.s. products. >>> toyota has announced yet another recall. this time it's about 50,000sequoia sport utility vehicles. the vehicles slow down unexpectedly. the automaker says there could be a problem with the stability control system. >>> it's do or die for the capitals tonight. they drop the puck in less than an hour. >> this could have been over five days ago. the caps could have been home resting, getting ready for the flyers. but they got careless, so now their backs are against the wall. we'll get you ready for game 7 tonight against the canadiens. can alex ovechkin and company fend off elimination. their thoughts, coming up. >>> continuing the ice theme here. we run the risk of frost tonight. the wind really whipping around the pollen. go to our website, you can access. high for trees. low for grasses, weeds, and mold. >>> a car dangles several stories up. we'll give you the full story in just two minutes. >>> checking news now across the nation, in houston, texas, 40 prep schools were hurt after their school bus collided with tw
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)